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Frank Ocean, Apple Music, And The Headache Of Streaming Exclusives – quoting my 2005 book “The Future of Music”

Nice to know someone is taking notice 🙂  I have given up on the music business for about 5 years now … and that’s been a good decision; it’s simply the most dysfunctional business I have ever seen. “This new reality differs from the one we were promised. Back in 2005, ...

A quick audioboom (podcast) on the future of streaming music

Listen to ‘Gerd Leonhard’s quick take on the future of music streaming’ on audioBoom // Future of Streaming Music  

The future of music: streaming to 2 Billion 'paying' users – if only the industry would allow it!

Update: cartoon via TheOatmeal (hat tip to Harriett Brand). Good read on Lately, it seems like I just can’t escape the increasing coverage on much certain misguided artists, labels, music managers or other music industry people dislike streaming / on-demand music platforms such as  Spotify, Deezer or Simfy etc.  Even thought I have vowed ...

The music industry: still obsessed with yesterday’s logic

… and this is the chief reason I no longer do any music-related work – you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink:)  How long did it take them to figure this out, below – that was clear back in 1999 ! And what ...

New podcast on the future of music revenue

… just went live on Soundcloud, thanks to Peter Petro.  We had a nice chat and this podcast nails some of the big issues, but I am kind of retiring from music business stuff right now – it just keeps turning around in circles, it seems (heading towards peak dysfunctionality).

New video: Keynote Presentation at DAFM2013: A Futuristic Outlook On The Music Creator, Consumer & The Business In Between

I think this is one of my best talks yet, on the apparently ever-green topic of the Future of the Music business:).  The SKAP / DAFM people did a great job recording this, the venue really rocked and I was kinda firing all cylinders as well (I think) – let ...

My presentation at DAFM / SKAP event in Stockholm, today (PDF): a futuristic outlook on the creator, consumer & the business in between (video too)

just a quick update: here is the PDF.  More details about this event, here Dropbox low res 7MB Dropbox high res 28MB Owncloud low res PDF Update: here is the video, via vimeo (nice recording, too)   To: Robert Levine: this is NOT a copyright symbol at the bottom of my slides: it’s my TWITTER HANDLE.  ...

New Video: The Future of Music and the Concert Business: Futurist Gerd Leonhard Keynote at Dansk Live 2013 – YouTube

The Future of Music and the Concert Business: Futurist Gerd Leonhard Keynote at Dansk Live 2013 – YouTube.

Robert Scoble at Midem 2013: Music in the Age of Context (Video)

Nice talk by Robert Scoble, at MIDEM 2013 – I didn’t go this year because I am kinda done with the music business, but this must have been a highlight:) Robert Scoble: Music in the Age of Context – Midem Visionary Monday 2013 – YouTube.   Midem Visionary Monday: The Age of ...

New Executive Training Program: Leading Media & Entertainment Companies (CBS Executive in Copenhagen)

This just went online:  Leading Media & Entertainment Companies | CBS Executive. You can  nowsign up the next season of Europe’s only training program for senior executives in the media industries trine. The program was developed together with leading media companies and has the best faculty of educators from both academia ...


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