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New video: my keynote at Netapp Insight 2018 in Barcelona: the future is driven by data but defined by humanity (amazing stage & screen!)

  Download the slides used in this presentation: Gerd Leonhard driven by data defined by humanity netapp Barcelona insights PUBLIC-print Download the MP4  Thanks to Netapp for making this video available. Find out more about this event here. In a world where technological progress is exceedingly exponential and combinatorial, how will we define what is ...

Video compilation: the best moments from Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s 2018 keynotes – must watch!

  2018 was an amazing year, with some really great gigs – over 100x in 30 countries. Now, my producer and art director Jean Francois Cardella and the TFA Studio team has compiled the best moments in this fast-moving video. If you want to know what I do, and what my ...

Kölner Stadtanzeiger Interview mit Gerd Leonhard: Die Zukunft ist besser als wir denken (in German)

Gestern erschienen – hier zum Lesen (kostenlose Registrierung erforderlich;) Unser Wirtschaftssystem sei künftig nicht mehr haltbar, sagt Futurist Gerd Leonhard. Immer mehr Arbeit werde automatisiert, Jobs fielen weg. Im Interview spricht Leonhard über Chancen und Risiken der Technologisierung und seinen ungebrochenen Optimismus. Welche Entwicklungen sehen Sie? In ungefähr zehn Jahren sind Computer unendlich leistungsfähig. ...

Neue Video-Series: Tim Renner und Gerd Leonhard: Lasst uns über die Zukunft reden (#1 und 2- in GERMAN)

Tim Renner und Gerd Leonhard im Gespräch –  #1 und #2 von 6 wöchentlichen Episoden Was müssen Politiker über die Zukunft wissen? Wie könnte die Politik wieder bessere Zukunftsvisionen entwicklen und das Thema Zukunft nicht weiterhin den globalem Technologieunternehmen überlassen? Wie wird sich Politik, Demokratie und Gesellschaft in den nächsten 10 ...

Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s keynote at the Foro de la Cultura 2018 in Burgos Spain: Technology, Humanity and The Future

Read more about this event and my talk, here (in Spanish)… “Los efectos de la tecnología, la digitalización y el desarrollo de la inteligencia artificial han protagonizado la conversación entre el escritor y futurista alemánGerd Leonhard y el poeta y periodista Antonio Lucas. «Nuestro mundo va a cambiar más en los próximos 20 años ...

Yoshua Bengia, one of the fathers of AI is worried about its future – we need more democracy in A.I. research !

  “another reason why we need to have more democracy in AI research. It’s that AI research by itself will tend to lead to concentrations of power, money, and researchers. The best students want to go to the best companies. They have much more money, they have much more data. And ...

6 exciting new videos with short excerpts from a recent keynote on Technology & Humanity, Big Data, Digital Ethics, Singularity, Skills of the Future and more!

Thanks to Netapp for inviting me to speak and for making the video footage available!  Download all videos as MP4 files via the GerdCloud. Subscribe to my Youtube channel. Check out my book Technology vs Humanity. Machines that can THINK, LEARN? AI? With an IQ of 100.000? Digital Ethics is the #1 ...

The unintended consequences and negative externalities of exponential technological progress must urgently be considered in every single business model, from the start (new gif)

Just like in energy, oil and gas – we can no longer leave the externalities for others to clean up. Note: this is a pretty large gif — may need some time to load:)))  

Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard on-stage: short videos with best quotes on humanity and technology (#4 and 5)

These 2 short videos just went live, featuring some nice nuggets from a recent talk. On the shift toward creative jobs, EQ over IQ #4 Download the MP4 via GerdCloud How computable are we? What makes us human? #5  Download the MP4 file


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