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“Gerd really made a big difference to our event because when he speaks about the future changes, technology, behaviors, he worries about connecting all of these changes with the audience reality, showing that it is possible to succeed, as humans, in this new world. He connects to the audience in a way that we feel that there is space for both humans and technology to live together.”

- Tetra Pak, Brazil -

Patricia Bastos, Communications Director
“Gerd allows the audience to travel to and from the future. The result remains long after the conference, when you rewind his presentations after a few years, and see it happening in front of your eyes. I had the pleasure to hire Gerd when I was at Pestana Hotel Group, and this specific event reached the highest score ever in 4 decades. Gerd is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend his services.”


Nuno Pires, CEO
“Working with Gerd was an excellent experience, and he definitely pushed our executives’ thinking forward. Not only did he outline major technological and societal trends affecting our business, he did so in a way that was engaging and personal”

- Inter Public Group -

Adam Carroll, VP, Global Talent Management
“CommunicAsia was truly honored to have Gerd Leonhard as one of our keynote speakers for this year. Gerd’s addition to the Summit has been breathtaking and inspirational. His visionary address on The Next 5 years in Global Digital Transformation truly captivated the audience. Thank you for being with us!”

- Singapore Exhibition Services -

Jaime Ng, Conference Director
“Your presentation was a huge success. You managed to scare delegates to death and give them hope at the same time – quite a feat and exactly what they needed! Thank you also for crafting your ideas so that it tied very directly into our business, rather than being just a rehash of a standard presentation.”

- MGI Worldwide [London] -

Clive Viegas Bennett, CEO
“Gerd was the opening keynote speaker at our social media and content marketing event and made a huge impact to all 400 listeners. People discussed and quoted him through-out the day and in many blog posts afterwords. We organizers were all very happy about this”

- PING Helsinki event -

Sanna Salovuori, Co-founder
“Gerd came in remotely and lit up our Conference, everyone was talking about his thought provoking insights throughout the rest of the day!”

- Huawei -

Jeremy Hope, Head of IT Sales and Solutions
“Gerd provided amazing collaboration and partnership during our recent futurist-focused client event in Southern, California….our client was thrilled and the attendees took away a great wealth of information that will surely help them increase revenues and surpass their competitors using the technology-focused information provided during his presentation.”

- T.A. Cook and SAP -

“Gerd was this year’s opening speaker at InnoTown – Next Technologies. From the first contact Gerd was a pleasure to work with, and his talk was an absolute thrill, with his high energy presentation style and great visuals. He received top-notch ratings from the InnoTown-crowd”

- InnoTown -

Dag Lausund, Managing Director
“We’ve hired Gerd a number of times over the years to keynote our events. Gerd is super professional, collaborative, efficient, absolute pleasure to work with. Perhaps more importantly he is also an inspirational speaker who not only gets tech/marketing but also the bigger picture around society, behaviour and business. And he used to be a professional guitarist – what more could you want?”

- Ably GmbH -

Ashley Friedlein, Founder, Econsultancy & Chairman
“Gerd made a great contribution and was a pleasure to work with on our FODM event. His session was a fantastic addition to the programme and a great success. He was delivering a great presentation about future trends.”

- Econsultancy [London] -

Kelly Head, Speaker Liaison Executive
“Gerd Leonhard distinguishes from other futurists trough his emphaisis on the human factor in the story between man and machine. While some focus on predicting what technology will bring soon, he actively searches a positive story for humanity and he clearly sets limits on technology”

- HR Expo -

Kristoff Vandermeersch, Stimulearning
“Eye-opening, thought-provoking, brilliant….. Gerd’s visionary speech challenges the very core of our beliefs, he can link seemingly unrelated trends and deliver a presentation in engaging and entertaining fashion.”

- ITAPA Slovakia -

Dana Kršaková, Michal Ivantyšyn, Conference Directors

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