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The future is already here – we just haven’t paid enough attention.

As we rush headlong into a machine-led world where the very essence of human being is being increasingly challenged, Gerd is passionate about helping humanity to flourish.

Gerd travels the globe year after year, refining his cross-sector and cross-cultural awareness, and transferring his learnings from one arena to the next.

His work is most often in creative form, through film or video, and through futurist manifestos. As an advisor and counsellor, Gerd helps individuals, enterprises and organizations deal with the ‘future shock’, and embrace change.  Read Gerd’s 2019 mission statement here.

Gerd Leonhard on Stage #1: becoming superhuman?

Gerd Leonhard on Stage #2: technology hellven

Gerd Leonhard on stage #3: algorithms over relationships?

Gerd’s 2019 mission statement (excerpt)

  • To be a force for the good of humanity by making meaningful contributions that help to foster human flourishing
  • To always speak honestly, openly, engagingly and with total integrity
  • To present passionate and visionary, yet balanced and realistic views that are neither techno-utopian nor neo-luddite
  • To influence, inspire and advise local, national and global decision makers when it comes to the key technological future topics

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