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Gerd’s key memes and statements, illustrated

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“The Future is already here - we just need to pay more attention!”

“As science fiction is increasingly becoming science fact, IMAGINATION will truly become more important than knowledge”

“The future is better than we think - we just need to design it with collective human happiness as the core objective”

“Technology is not what we seek but how we seek!”

“Embrace technology but don’t become it!”

“There are no experts for the future - only experts for the past!”

“The more we connect with technology the more we must protect and nurture what makes us human ”

“Societies are driven by their technology but defined by their humanity”

“The future is increasingly arriving gradually, then suddenly - linear thinking will be detrimental ”

“Technology is binary but humans are multinary - and we should probably keep it that way!”

“We will not find lasting happiness in the cloud, on a screen or with AI”

“As technology becomes virtually unlimited in power, the main question is: WHO or WHAT do we want to be?”

“Trust isn't digital, happiness isn’t a program, relationships aren’t code”

“We should never put efficiency over humanity - resist machine-thinking!”

“Purely intelligent creatures - whether human or machine - will be detrimental for society ”

“Technology can do great things, but it does not WANT to do great things. The WANT is up to us.”

“We should not put convenience over consciousness - it’s the path to dehumanisation ”

“I am afraid that our efforts to become super-human will result in a downgrade, not an upgrade”

“Knowledge is finite but wonder and wisdom is infinite - a key difference between AI and HI”

“Don't pursue perfection too much - life happens through mistakes!”

“The biggest danger, today, is not that machines will take over, but that we become too much like them!”

“The future is not something that just happens to us - it is something we create!”

“Offline is the new luxury - enjoy it while you can!”

“A totally automated society will deprive life of purpose and human dignity”

“The future of work: from a focus on efficiency to a focus on human agency”

“The end of routine is NOT the end of human work, jobs or purpose”

“When AI (artificial intelligence) meets HI (human intelligence), business as usual is dead”

“The more we connect everything the more we must govern our new possibilities with wisdom and foresight”

“Too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing - especially when it is about exponential technological progress”

“Technology will solve many problems for us - but it will never remedy social or political challenges ”

“We must resist the constant temptations to put convenience over consciousness - it's the path toward dehumanisation ”

“The key challenge of a hyper-connected society: abundance on the outside but scarcity on the inside”

“To better imagine and create your future, assume less and discover more”

“Exponential technological progress: bicycles for the mind but bullets for the soul?”

“Data is the new oil, AI is the new electricity and the IoT is the new nervous system”

“Technology is great but humanity is greater. Make your choices wisely.”

“We don’t think only with the brain - we think with the body!”

“Technology may drive us but humanity defines us ”

“I observe the future - I don't predict it!”

“The future is better than we think - we just need to govern it wisely”

“Trust is not digital, relationships are not a download, and happiness is not an app”

“Being over-connected is just as bad as being disconnected”

“When contemplating the future, it's not so much about which foresights are correct but which ones are LIKELY”

“As AI meets HI (human intelligence), 'business as usual' is dead or dying ”

“The future: awesome humans on-top of amazing technology”

“VUCA is the new normal - we need to become comfortable with being unconfortable”

“If you're not confused you're not thinking about the future enough”

“The future is exponential, convergent, combinatorial - let's add holistic, circular and human-centric as requirements”

“Smarter and faster is great - but MORE HUMAN is greater”

“As our world goes rapidly digital, it will be our humanity and our purpose that defines us, not our technology.”

“Technology is great but humanity is greater”

“Everything should be as smart as necessary but not smarter ”

“If you don't have anything to hide, you're probably not human”

“Understanding the future is an ART not a science”


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