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As we go through these difficult times of utter uncertainty, perpetual social-distancing, international travel restrictions and wildly fluctuating quarantine measures, layoffs and budget cuts, online events and virtual conferences have emerged as powerful, safe and economic alternative.

Futurist Gerd Leonhard and his company TheFuturesAgency are offering new services for moving events and conferences online. We can provide the content, the hosts, the panelists and the speakers and we can also run the entire show for you, online.

Have a look at our inaugural March 26 2020 event: The Future of Business: slides, audio and video

Watch Gerd’s latest online keynotes featuring his unique use of virtual backgrounds (on Zoom).

Sign up for Gerd’s June 22 virtual keynote here.

Read this ABC news (AUS) feature on our new offering. 

For some context, read Gerd’s post on post-corona futures: A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. How Covid-19 changed our world: Futurist Gerd Leonhard looks back from the near Future



Welcome to theconference.digital

Led by Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO Gerd Leonhard, TheFutures Agency curates and co-organises virtual events and online conferences of any size, globally. We offer content and talent-related solutions as well as practical and technical advise for agencies, brands, corporate clients, governments, organisations and individuals. We can put together entire programs for you, or we can take your existing event concepts and convert them to online formats, or we can just do remote keynotes for you. We also work with many leading speaking agencies around the world to jointly explore and grow this new ecosystem.

We can select and hire amazing keynote speakers, panelists and hosts, and we can integrate your own speakers and executives, as well. We can set up your event using the most suitable platform (such as zoom, vimeo, streamyard,  goto meeting, or webinar jams etc),  and we can run the entire event for you, including hosting, moderation and interactions with the participants.


Overcome the challenges of the Corona-Crisis

This is a good time to pivot and move your events online

The covid19 epidemic and the resulting widespread cancellation of events as well as deep and lasting restrictions on international travel means that organisations, brands, partners and agencies need to take action.

Together, we must and can find new ways of gathering and connecting with our partners, clients and the media. This is where our new Digital Conferencing concept comes in. Futurist Gerd Leonhard and TheFuturesAgency team is ready to collaborate and assist you.

Challenges & Context

The challenges for traditional conferences:

  • Rising health concerns and increasing fear of epidemics are a certainty (the covid19 threat will not end soon enough, and it will not be the last one, either)
  • Mandatory and global carbon taxes for airline tickets and many other forms of travel look pretty much inevitable (for more, read this and this (NYT)
  • Increased corporate travel restrictions, and the overall rise of ‘flight-shaming‘ is just a beginning of a huge mindshift that’s emerging globally
  • Unforeseeable geopolitical conflicts – a kind of permanent VUCA – will cause further travel-weariness

And at the same time:

  • Meeting your team members, partners and clients has never been more important, and exchanging ideas and perspectives is mission-critical in times of great change
  • 9 Billion people will be online in 2030 – and they won’t all travel to conferences like we did (until now)
  • Approx. 50% of these 9 Billion people will have high speed internet or 4G/5G access, and their barrier of entry to doing everything online will shrink dramatically
  • Technological leaps in online meeting technologies can be expected in the near future (AR/VR/MR, holograms, magic leap, Hololens etc)

Contact us for an invitation to the next digital events hosted by Gerd Leonhard and The Futures Agency


Virtual Keynote & Presentation: 10 Essential Future Foresights

Gerd Leonhard Presentation using Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom

May 4 2020 (Ambrosetti event Italy)

Humanist vs Transhumanist: Calum Chace and Gerd Leonhard Debate April 23 2020

Humans are not just data! Organisms are algorithms?

Download [HD]
Online conference on The Future of Work post-Covid19 April 9 2020

Futurists Ross Dawson, Shara Evans, Gerd Leonhard #zoom

Download [HD]
The Future of Business March 26 2020

Online Conference #covid19. This is the complete and edited recording of our digital conference on Covid19.

Download [HD]
Topic: Sustainability and Capitalism

Online Conference March 12 2020

How to do Online Conferences (Gerd Leonhard, Antoni Lacinai, Asa Degermark)

Zoom recording April 2: Online Conference on Online Conferencing TheFuturesAgency

Download [HD]
Online conference on Leadership during Crisis

April 16 2020, with Didier Marlier, Celine Schillinger, Gerd Leonhard

Download [HD]

A new opportunity

  • Face-to-face / real-life meetings will never be replaced but we must have good alternatives if we can’t go.
  • Digital Conferencing will become the new normal.
  • The more we meet virtually the more important real-life events become.
  • A new event ecosystem is unfolding.


The advantages of digital conferencing

This is the time to dive in and experiment

Key Topics

Low cost of participation

Key Topics

20-2000 people capacity

Key Topics

Serialized events are easily done

Key Topics

Online live-streaming included

Key Topics

Online archives can be monetized

Key Topics

Dramatically lower cost for organizers: no costs for venue, food etc

Key Topics

Easily organized using a variety of suitable platforms

Key Topics

Much easier to include keynote speakers and panelists




100% Live Conferences

Live Online Conferences are customised for each client and for each theme or topic, hosting anywhere from 30 to 2000 participants. The event duration can be up to 6 hours or even longer, but most sessions are scheduled for 75-90 minutes. All sessions can be recorded and / or live-streamed on Youtube (listed or unlisted) or Facebook Live.


Prerecorded Keynotes + Live-Discussions

Gerd and/or his global team of fellow speakers record their presentations in the studio, customised for each client and the desired topic, in HD video formats. Each keynote is unique to each client and is not available to the public. The password protected conferences can be distributed via video platforms (e.g. Vimeo), via the client’s intranet or a dedicated microsite.


Enterprise Conferences

These are conferences offered directly to corporate clients with fully white-labelled live sessions. Clients can select the speakers they desire, or buy a the complete digital event including Gerd and other selected Futures Agency Speakers, hosting anywhere from 500 to 5000 participants and up to 3 days in-a-row.


The Futures Agency, based in Zürich / Switzerland, is a unique network of 50+ Futurists led by Founder and CEO Gerd Leonhard.  We help our clients discover, understand and create their preferred futures. Whether you are an incumbent market leader threatened by disruptive new technologies, or a rising star still unsure how to integrate exponential change, Gerd Leonhard and his handpicked team of experts will help you identify change before it happens, craft new visions and manifest deep transformation.


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