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Google, Facebook and other tech companies race to develop artificial intelligence – San Jose Mercury News

Google, Facebook and other tech companies race to develop artificial intelligence – San Jose Mercury News. This is a crucial topic. Read and think.

Revolt Against the Robot Uprising ? The key to defeating robots -in movies and in real life- is doing what they can’t (via Entrepreneur.com)

Why You Should Revolt Against the ‘Robot Uprising’ According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the manufacturing industry lost 2.3 million jobs in the most recent recession. Since then, factories have only regained 526,000 jobs, a sad sign of Jobs’ visionary nature. A promotional video on the Mac Pro’s assembly clearly shows ...

Future economy: Many will lose jobs to computers (via USAToday)

The future of work and jobs is quickly becoming a major theme in my work this year. Read this piece below for context. Future economy: Many will lose jobs to computers via USA TODAY Workers wanting secure employment in coming decades will need skills that complement software applications, rather than compete with ...

Could robots be the journalists of the future? Not quite yet says the Guardian:)

Not quite yet I guess… But they could make for some nice assistants? Could robots be the journalists of the future? https://www.theguardian.com/media/shortcuts/2014/mar/16/could-robots-be-journalist-of-future Forbes.com already uses an artificial intelligence platform provided by the technology company Narrative Science to generate automated news from live data sets and content harvested from previous articles. What makes it possible ...

Google’s Grand Plan to Make Your Brain Irrelevant via Wired.com

Google’s Grand Plan to Make Your Brain Irrelevant | Wired Business | Wired.com.  MUST READ In a profile of deep-learning pioneer and now part-time Googler Geoff Hinton, WIRED’s Daniela Hernandez writes that the key difference between deep learning and other approaches to artificial intelligence is that it aims to free machines ...

My guest post on CNN International: Siri says ‘dump him’? How mobile devices could run (or ruin) your life (Spanish version, as well)

CNN International just published a guest post by me, here, on how the key technology trends will impact us in the next 5 years.  The high-lights: Artificial intelligence and ultra-smart software engines will be embedded everywhere. Automation is likely do away with hundreds of millions of “simple” jobs. Augmented reality and “natural” human-computer ...

▶ BabyX at TEDxAuckland 2013 – YouTube: pretty amazing video about Artificial Intelligence

TEDxAuckland attendees were the first in the world to interact with Baby X – the brainchild of New Zealander Mark Sagar, the multi Academy Award winner formerly Special Projects Supervisor at Weta Digital and his Laboratory for Animate Technologies, has been working to develop artificial intelligence that creates its own ...

Great piece on QZ.com: Google screenless computing, voice-control, future of interfaces

Read the full piece on QZ.com and then think about the implications of this … it boggles the mind.  If this cool MotoX phone has a mic that is ‘always listening’ then I, personally, wouldn’t feel save about having it around – much like the web camera on my Samsung ...


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