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New video: Futurist Gerd Leonhard in conversation with AT&T’s John Donovan (AT&T Shape LA)

John Donovan (AT&T’s Chief Strategy Officer and Group President) and me had a pretty cool chat about technology, connectivity, media, creativity and humanity – check it out below. I love John’s statement ‘…I guess it is fair to say that you are an optimist”. Indeed.  More details about the event here ...

Forget AT&T: What about Google and Facebook…? good read via the NYT

“Look at the numbers. Alphabet (the parent company of Google) and Facebook are among the 10 largest companies in the world. Alphabet alone has a market capitalization of around $550 billion. AT&T and Time Warner combined would be about $300 billion. Alphabet has an 83 percent share of the mobile ...

Audi’s Future: Self-Driving Cars, Dual HUDs, LTE

Some smart stuff by Audi, see below. Clearly, a car than can be both self-driven or driven by me, and maybe does not have a tailpipe (it would be crucial, in my view, to be fully electric rather than hybrid), and is fully connected to all kinds of digital ...

Snapshot from Mobile World Congress 2011: moderating a panel discussion on mobile advertising

This was a cool panel and a nice group of people (thanks to GSMA for the picture, btw). Dan Hodges, Head of Global Sales, Digital & Emerging Products, Associated Press, Matt Hull, VP Product Marketing & Operations, AT&T, Michael Roth, Chairman & CEO, IPG, Scott Seaborn, Head of Mobile Technologies, ...

I just ordered the new ‘International’ Kindle eReader: the reading revolution has started!

Amazon rocks, once again. Jeff Bezos made a deal with AT&T for 3G roaming so now I can get my books pretty much anywhere in the world, anytime; and without worrying about my iPhone’s battery;). The new ‘Kindle wireless reading device’ looks set to deliver what I have wanted for ...


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