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Human ingenuity will be the genesis for IoT prosperity: thoughtful piece by Jeanne Beliveau-Dunne (Cisco)

Really nice piece by Cisco’s Jeanne Beliveau-Dunne, referring to my keynote at the IoT World Forum in London. We need to think big, beyond business bottom lines, to a common purpose “As business leaders, we must think beyond the fiscal bottom line and technological advances in products and services and ask ourselves, ...

Beyond business as usual: the Internet of Things, AI, Technology vs Humanity? Full-length video of my keynote at IoT World Forum in London

Thanks to the Internet Talent Consortium and Cisco for making this video available – I think it’s one of the best talks I have  ever given on the topic of Technology vs Humanity, the IoT and AI. Visit the event website for all of the other presentations held on that ...

Smart farming and IoT… will become the new normal (video)

Watch this! Disclosure: Cisco is a client of mine (but this post is unrelated to that fact:) Read more on my views on The Internet of Things

Impressive and somewhat scary Cisco TV Commercial on ‘The Internet of Everything Circle Story’

https://youtu.be/Z3PNMdL7P1M via Cisco TV Commercial, ‘The Internet of Everything Circle Story’ – YouTube. Very interesting video showing both the tremendous possibilities of the Internet of (Every)Things / IoT and it’s very significant potential for omni-surveillance. Via Business Insider AUS


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