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The Apple Watch looks good – too good, actually: distractions + outsourced thinking spells digital obesity

Update: read this very much related Guardian article on why multi-tasking and constant task-switching is bad for our brains. So I looked at those cool new Apple watches and those enthusiastic Apple keynote videos, and I have to say that I am very tempted to get this watch as soon as it ...

New opinion piece on CNN Money: "the disturbing consequences of ultra-connectivity" (Gerd Leonhard)

CNN Money just published a new opinion piece penned by me, and edited by Alanna Petroff, in connection with their Mobile World Congress Barcelona coverage. Here are some of the most crucial snippets: Smartphones and mobile devices have given each of us a ‘second brain,’ allowing us to navigate new cities without getting ...

The future of ICT, Big Data or Big Brother, digital obesity: my presentation at Expotelecom Costa Rica, today

Here are the slides, as promised. More details on Expotelecom here big data big brother digital obesity gerd leonhard futurist expotelecom public-web Dropbox: High res 30 MB PDF Low res 8 MB Best of’s:

Episode 5 of TheFutureShow just went live: Offline is the new luxury

Because of the fact that I had a pretty bad mountain-bike accident last Saturday the release of this episode was slightly delayed – my apologies! So… anyway, here is episode #5 of The Future Show (TFS)  OFFLINE IS THE NEW LUXURY. This is the final episode of TFS’s first season, btw – I hope you ...

This is your brain on mobile (via Medium): obsession with eternalising the moment?

This is a MUST-READ piece This is your brain on mobile — Medium by Jeremy Vandehey.  Best snippets: As a human being, many of these triumphs are trumped by the overwhelming anxiety phones have instilled in us. We’ve trained ourselves to constantly seek refuge from boring, everyday life through our phones. We’ve ...

The Pointlessness of Unplugging : The New Yorker (good read related to my Digital Obesity meme)

Interesting point below; yet I think of unplugging more like scheduling a diet – just having a few days where you eat less, and get hungry again… The Pointlessness of Unplugging : The New Yorker That is why, I think, the Day of Unplugging is such a strange thing. Those who unplug ...

How Tech Is Creating Data “Cravability” To Make Us Digitally Obese (my guest post on Fast Co-Exist)

This just went online, here. Please add some fuel to this debate by spreading the word and commenting there. Thanks!    Download the PDF: How Tech Is Creating Data Cravability To Make Us Digitally Obese | Co.Exist  “Obesity and dramatic overweight are a huge global problem, costing an estimated $450 billion per ...


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