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Gerd Leonhard’s Megashifts: digitization, mobilisation, screenification, disintermediation, decentralisation, automation, intelligization, virtualization, anticipation, robotisation

It seems like all those ‘…ation’-words are naturally converging right now;  in almost every keynote I am touching on these trends that may, on one hand, mean very good things for all of us, but may also result in a future that is increasingly less ‘human’. I have taken to calling ...

Nice illustration: converging trends and disruptions (via Frank Diana)

Combinations and Disruption | Frank Diana’s Blog. I have been using this image, below, quite a bit lately – it nails the trends very succinctly    

The Disruption Machine (recommended reading via Jill Lepore, The New Yorker)

Great read about disruption and some insightful comments on Christensen’s ‘The Innovators Dilemma’. I don’t agree with all of it but it’s worth pondering. In the last years of the nineteen-eighties, I worked not at startups but at what might be called finish-downs. Tech companies that were dying would hire temps—college ...

My presentation on ‘Design to Disrupt’: the future at VINT2014 event (update: now with video)

As promised here are the slides from #vint2014 VINT2014 Design to Disrupt Futurist Gerd Public-web (low res 6MB PDF) High res version 34MB via Dropbox Updated July 16 2014: Here is the video of my talk: Some key images:  

Via QZ.com TV industry take note: this is what being disrupted by Amazon looks like

Total digitisation + total efficiency = Digital Darwinism TV industry take note: this is what being disrupted by Amazon looks like – Quartz. Amazon yesterday thrust itself into the increasingly crowded battle for control of your living room, with the launch of its own streaming device, FireTV. The online retailer has an uphill battle ahead in streaming video—a ...

The inevitable result of the digitization of content and media is dramatically ‘per unit’ revenue- but 1000x users

… a key slide from my last presentation on the future of music, see more details here.

7 Digital Trends to Expect in the Next 5 Years (my guest post at Swissnex)

7 Digital Trends to Expect in the Next 5 Years… We are entering an era of mind-boggling global data torrents, all-pervasive social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) connectivity, widespread ‘wikilikean’ transparency expectations, rapid changes in interface technologies, hyper-real-time speed of information and media, and abundant consumer choice in pretty much every sector of commerce and business. ...

Good talk by Jeremiah Owyang (LeWeb London 2013) on the sharing economy

Jeremiah Owyang – Altimeter Group – LeWeb London 2013 – YouTube. https://youtu.be/kyqHifl194k&w=635

OTT Messaging has already surpassed SMS (says Business Insider): TeleMedia is near:)

One of my most popular topic in the past 3 years has been the coming convergence of Telecom and Media i.e. TeleMedia. Here, below is another data point that I kinda saw coming a few years ago: more people use Over-The-Top / OTT messaging apps (like iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber) than ...

Disruption and the Future of Business (presentation at YPO Alpine event in Geneva, yesterday)

I really enjoyed my gig at the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Geneva meeting last night – very interesting crowd, great organization. I spoke on the blissful topic of DISRU::::PTION and the Future of Business, Commerce, and Technology.  You can download the PDF via my online sharing site (dropbox folder) GerdCloud.com ...


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