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Automation and the threat to jobs – FT.com

Insightful piece. In my view, automation is inevitable and humans must focus on what sets us apart ie ingenuity, creativity, ability to deal with ambiguity etc. This has huge impact on education, going forward – computers are beating us on ‘just in case’ learning! The beneficiaries are the world’s consumers, who ...

About Creating Shared Value (via HBR)

Below, some very interesting thoughts on shared values. Food for thought. Creating Shared Value – Harvard Business Review "Business and society have been pitted against each other for too long. That is in part because economists have legitimized the idea that to provide societal benefits, companies must temper their economic success. In ...

Michio Kaku: “At some point in the future we will have robots as smart as us. Why not enhance ourselves?”

This video made me think. Am reading his latest book, too, "Physics of the Future" Related articles Significant 2011 Medical Breakthroughs (futurist.com) Marc Andreessen Wishes You Were A Robot (At Least Behind the Wheel) (allthingsd.com)

The Future Music: mobile, video, social… and PAID? My presentation at CMC Dublin Event

Update: some new audio & video on the CMC page; audio interview with me; my own video recording is here. Below is the presentation from today's really interesting Future of Music event in Dublin – enjoy, and RT, embed…share! Download my free book "Music 2.0" here (PDF, 8MB), get my ...

My presentation at Internet World in Munich, today: Zukunft des eCommerce und Marketing (in German)

I don't post German-language stuff very often but a lot of people have asked me to make this available soonest, so here is the presentation from today's Internet World 2010 in Munich, Germany, today, on the Future of Retail, eCommerce, Marketing and Advertising (please note: this is in GERMAN ...


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