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Facebook is no longer ‘social’ anything – it’s an AI-platform that needs to be regulated (updated)

Last year’s reports that some apparently well-funded Russian entities used Facebook to systemically disseminate fake news and seed widespread dissent during the 2016 U.S. elections is not only worrisome because of the damage that is being done to the democratic process, the impact on the credibility of social media and the ...

Der Feind ist nicht Facebook, der Feind sind wir selbst” (Interview mit Gerd Leonhard, in German)

“Wir sollten Technologie umarmen, aber nicht Technologie werden” Der Futurist und Humanist Gerd Leonhard über eine digitale Ethik. “Wir werden in zwanzig Jahren an dem Punkt angelangt sein, wo fast nichts mehr unmöglich ist”, sagt Gerd Leonhard im Gespräch mit dem KURIER. Der deutsche Futurist und Humanist sprach bei 4GameChanger über das ...

The age of AI surveillance is here (via QZ.com – made me think)

  “Facial recognition in still images and video is already seeping into the real world. Baidu is starting a program where facial recognition is used instead of tickets for events. The venue knows who you are, maybe from a picture you upload or your social media profile, sees your face when ...

Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Open letter to the Partnership on AI (take 2)

When machines have an IQ of 50,000, what happens to human values and ethics? By Gerd Leonhard  Futurist , Author Technology vs Humanity The partnership on AI has just announced some new members and a board of trustees, and Apple has finally joined Facebook, Google / Deep Mind, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft. This development has ...

Great Video on what I call digital obesity: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? – YouTube (Prince Ea)

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? – YouTube. Thanks to Jonathan Marks for sharing this. Read my post on Digital Obesity.

▶ Inventing the Future of Connectivity (Facebook video on connecting developing countries – with drones)

Facebook’s Yael Maguire talks about the technologies we’re working on that will make connectivity more affordable in communities around the world. via ▶ Inventing the Future of Connectivity – YouTube. I love the idea of drones providing internet access – they would make a lot of sense given that Facebook et al ...

Alex Madrigal (TheAtlantic) on Facebook: the most efficient engine for sharing

Alex Madrigal says: “I think Facebook has created the most efficient engine for sharing, archiving, and monetizing text and pictures that the world has ever known” Can’t say I’d disagree. Update: here is  quick slideshow on what Facebook has achieved in the past year or so

‘Social’ is the new ‘Online’

Write text here… Related articles Context is King by Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard (gerdleonhard.typepad.com) Why Social Networks are the new TV & Radio: Futurist and Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard (gerdleonhard.typepad.com) Gerd Leonhard: New video: My Keynote on Broadband Futures (from the future with high-speed broadband conference in Auckland) (mediafuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard: Read this: Big Data's ...

The Man With the Google Glasses (via NYTimes.com), watch this video

On the one hand, the video is a testament to modern technology’s extraordinary feats — not only instant communication across blocks or continents, but also an almost god-like access to information about the world around us. The Man in the Google Glasses can find his way effortlessly through the mazes of ...

Sink or Swim: Digital Publishers Need to Be Bold | Wired.com (comments)

FT's Rob Grimshaw says (defending the FT's paywall): "Many news publishers are now facing up to the reality that online advertising isn’t replacing revenues lost from print. Newspaper Association of America figures show annual print ad revenues for the industry have dropped from $47 billion at their last peak in ...


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