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PDF with my slides: presentation at Eyes & Ears 2015 in Cologne: Future of Media in a new Ecosystem

Here are more details on this event The future of media: paywill models, robot journalists… and a new media ecosystem The content industries are beginning to come out of ‘the valley of death’, i.e. the era of when everything had to be free and instant. Mobile platforms are emerging as a big ...

A short video on why embracing convergence is crucial for the media business (Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard)

via ▶ Why embracing convergence is crucial for the media business (Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard) – YouTube.  

2 very short videos taken from a recent talk on the future of media

These are the ‘nuggets-only’ versions:) The coming transition of broadcasting, TV & Cable: from broadcasting to broadbanding   Build the Ecosystem, not just the apps!

Short video: media companies need to get involved with reinventing advertising (via CBS Media Executive Program)

via The urge of media companies to involve in reinventing advertising, Media Executive Program Faculty – YouTube. Nice short video!  Thanks to CBC Executive Leading Media where I am a faculty member  

The inevitable result of the digitization of content and media is dramatically ‘per unit’ revenue- but 1000x users

… a key slide from my last presentation on the future of music, see more details here.

Here is my presentation from the Big Picture Summit in Delhi (today): the Future of Media and Advertising

High resolution PDF Low resolution PDF And while you are here, check out my public file-sharing folders on Dropbox aka GerdCloud: download all of my books, presentations, images, essays free of charge:).  The PDF with my last book “The Future of Content” is here, Kindle version is here. And… visit my Youtube channel ...

The slides from my talk at MLove Halle (Germany) today: the future of media in a SoLoMo world

Here they are (MLove details here): Dropbox 15MB PDF and the Flickr slideshow is here  

I just rediscovered this video, back from 2009 but still relevant: The Future of Content & Creativity: Gerd Leonhard Futurist Speaker at RSA London (4/2009)

This is the video of my speech I held at the RSA as part of an event on April 8 2009, entitled “New Media Futures: what next for content and creativity” Topics: The internet is radically disrupting most of the traditional content distribution and selling models, starting with music and ...

New Video: My Keynote at Masterclass on digital challenges for creators and the creative industries (Copenhagen Nov 14 2012)

This was one of my best talks yet – imho:)) Let me know what you think please. This keynote talk was recorded Wednesday, 14 November, 2012 at Kulturstyrelsen in Copenhagen, at an event called  “New business models for the creative industry – new challanges for the rightholders – masterclass on ...

The Future of Media: Presentation at Estacio de Sa / Telezoom event in Rio de Janeiro

Wow – this was a marathon presentation on The Future of Media, in Rio de Janeiro, today (pictures  of me at Corcovado to follow ;); 2 hours + on pretty much any topic related to the Future of Media: access versus ownership, egosystem to ecosystem, control vs trust, content flat ...


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