Brilliant new report on the future of work/jobs and the impact of technology/automation (Oxford Martin School, CITI)

If you are wondering how jobs, work, education, training, social policy and business are changing worldwide because of technology, automation and what I call the ’10 ations’, you really should download read this brilliant new report. A quick comment: I would add that I think we need to look at lot more towards what ...

Every great algorithm needs a great ‘humarithm’

Here are some details as to what the difference actually is:) More posts tagged with humarithms Tweets about #Humarithms @gleonhard//

We need to go beyond the focus on STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) towards HECI (humanity, ethics, creativity, imagination)

… an important realisation that recently dawned on my.    What will our schools, colleges and universities do about this? Watch this short video (newly edited) on what I call HUMARITHM and for context:

A short podcast on the future of jobs: STEM and HECI (humanity, ethics, creativity, imagination)

I just added a new ad-hoc podcast on the future of work and jobs on my Audioboom channel. This is a hugely important topic that will need some major attention from governments, corporations, SMEs and the entirely educational system. My key message: automation and robotization will dramatically and exponentially i.e ‘gradually then suddenly‘ ...


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