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The Futurebots are here: IBM Watson ingests 2,000 TED Talks, now answers your deepest questions. The end of Futurists? Take the Poll.

via GIPHY Great read via Business Insider UK about IBM’s Watson ‘watching’ and understanding (?) and analysing (ok… yes) 2000+ Ted Talks. He/she/it (?) now knows everything there is about trivial questions such as What is the relationship between money and psychology?      What is the secret to happiness?  What is the meaning of ...

Watch this video: The Future of Cognitive Computing by Dr. John Kelly, Senior Vice President, Solutions Portfolio & Research, IBM

…. made me think, a lot ! I don’t agree with everything he says but this is definitely worth watching…. PS: IBM is a client of mine but I am not posting this video for that reason 🙂

Watch these IBM Watson videos.. and think about the future of your job (and no, it’s not all bad news:)

Our future is becoming MORE human not less, not to beat machines by ‘being smarter’ or more efficient, but to use them as TOOLS to augment and strengthen our unique ‘humarithms’ (see below). Read about IBM’s ROSS – Watson for the legal business Disclosure: I have done some speaking gigs for IBM ...

Made me think: videos, chart on IBM Watson Health. Transforming healthcare and 'putting data to work for all of us'

Watson Health: Empowering Patients and Transforming Healthcare « A Smarter Planet Blog A Smarter Planet Blog. Read this and watch the video(s) below. This is all really impressive stuff yet I am wondering what the unintended consequences of these innovations might be, in particular the fact that we have very few globally ...

Video and slides from my keynote on #NewWayToWork for IBM at Cebit Hannover

More details on this event UPDATE June 15 2015: here is the video with my keynote NewWayToWork Gerd Leonhard Cebit March 2015 IBM Public-web  5 MB PDF NewWayToWork Gerd Leonhard Cebit March 2015 IBM Public   20MB PDF and some best-of’s:  


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