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My latest guest post on the ITU WORLD BLOG: The concept of work as we know it is toast

My latest guest post for the ITU is now online:  ITU WORLD BLOG | The concept of work as we know it is toast. I am, btw, posting on the ITU blog because of my involvement with the ITU’s Telecom World Leadership Summit for the Future, which I am curating ...

New video: my complete keynote speech on the future of the Internet, ICT and Technology at ITU World 2013 in Bangkok

This video just arrived today, and it includes the entire Q&A session as well.  You can download the slides and read more about this gig on this blog post. Thanks to the ITU for making this available, and to John Robins for post-production assistance. and some related images from the slideshow… ...

PDFs with my slides from the ITUWorld event in BKK today: the Future of the Internet

Update: after receiving some very detailed and much appreciated feedback on my presentation at ITUWorld in Bangkok, today, I wanted to clarify a few important points that may not have come across as clearly as I intended: Exploring, defining and regulating the Future of the Internet is, in my view, not ...


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