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The New York Times Is a Great Company in a Terrible Business

This morning, the New York Times announced higher circulation revenue, huge gains in digital subscribers, and the continued erosion of its print advertising business. If the Times were interested in saving paper and man-hours, it could start by copy-pasting that paragraph into a PDF every quarter. from Pocket https://ift.tt/Xfnsfu via IFTTT

Emotion in marketing: How our brains decide which content is shareable

This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog and has been republished with permission. Every day it seems like we feel hundreds of different emotions – each nuanced and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in. from Pocket https://ift.tt/NgI9SM via IFTTT

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the World, and Humankind Must Adapt

In a post entitled “Machine Learning: Bane or Blessing for Mankind?,” I noted that the renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking along with his colleagues Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark, and Frank Wilczek recommend moving cautiously in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), from Pocket https://ift.tt/1yd4WSf via IFTTT

A big myth about connectivity in the developing world, busted (via QZ.com)

Almost everyone on earth has a mobile phone, if you believe the mobile industry’s data on active mobile connections. Just take a look at the numbers for “mobile penetration” from GSM Association (GSMA), a trade group for mobile operators: from Pocket https://ift.tt/1nuVaag via IFTTT

Meet Ray, the self-driving forklift that is parking cars at a German airport

Travelers at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany don’t even have to park their cars anymore. Last week the airport begin a using self-driving robot that resembles a forklift to deliver some cars to and from an appropriate parking space. from Pocket https://ift.tt/1m5pwzp via IFTTT

Big Data’s Effect on Organ Transplant Wait Lists

Of 28,594 organs transplanted in 2013, you haven’t heard about most. The stories of a few might go viral thanks to social media, but the vast majority of donated organs are harvested from deceased donors or taken from living donors in relative obscurity.   from Pocket https://ift.tt/1z3s4TQ via IFTTT


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