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A quick audioboom (podcast) on the future of streaming music

Listen to ‘Gerd Leonhard’s quick take on the future of music streaming’ on audioBoom // Future of Streaming Music  

Gerd Leonhard latest finds, resources and inspirations: Newsletter # 6 / 2015

FIRST Last week, I wrote a new piece for CNN Money on the consequences of over-connectivity. I would love your take and feedback on my key message: “It’s no longer just about connecting people. It’s also about what happens once they are connected” Ten Tech Trends to Watch in Africa – via the World ...

The future of music: streaming to 2 Billion 'paying' users – if only the industry would allow it!

Update: cartoon via TheOatmeal (hat tip to Harriett Brand). Good read on QZ.com. Lately, it seems like I just can’t escape the increasing coverage on much certain misguided artists, labels, music managers or other music industry people dislike streaming / on-demand music platforms such as  Spotify, Deezer or Simfy etc.  Even thought I have vowed ...

New podcast on the future of music revenue

… just went live on Soundcloud, thanks to Peter Petro.  We had a nice chat and this podcast nails some of the big issues, but I am kind of retiring from music business stuff right now – it just keeps turning around in circles, it seems (heading towards peak dysfunctionality).

New video: Keynote Presentation at DAFM2013: A Futuristic Outlook On The Music Creator, Consumer & The Business In Between

I think this is one of my best talks yet, on the apparently ever-green topic of the Future of the Music business:).  The SKAP / DAFM people did a great job recording this, the venue really rocked and I was kinda firing all cylinders as well (I think) – let ...

Spotify arrives in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong – but having-the-cake-and-eat-it is still the record industry’s default mindset

It’s always a bit funny to see people refer to my 2005 book ‘The Future of Music’ (co-written with Dave Kusek) and then list examples like these, below. While it’s nice to get some credit, of course these services are not free, really; they are kind of a ‘freemium’ but ...

Resetting the music business (good review of my keynote at SPOT festival)

Wired UK's Duncan Geere has just published a really astute summary of my keynote at the annual SPOT music conference in Arhus, Denmark, see below. It's not that I haven't been saying this for the past 10 years but I think I may have phrased it all a bit bitter:) ...

Cloud-based music streaming trends: told you so!

From a new eMarketer post (and related report), here are some interesting snippets: "In a sign of how important online streaming and subscription music services have become to the recording industry, trade publication Billboard recently updated its weekly Hot 100 song chart to include data from Spotify, Slacker, ...

Data is the new Oil: Why YOU Are The Product (debate)

Interesting angle presented by Jaron Lanier below … Need to retrieve his book "You are not a Gadget" from my Kindle archive again. I don't really buy the point of data-mining and its use in social commerce being questionable, btw – it all comes down to the 'people formerly known ...

Future of Broadband: TeleMedia Ecosystems (from the Auckland NZ conference)

I just finished my presentation at the Future of Broadband conference here in Auckland, New Zealand, and sure enough, someone from TechToday(NZ) has already reviewed and summarized some of it, see below.  I will make the video available as soon as I have it, on my Youtube channel. The slides I ...


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