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7 Digital Trends to Expect in the Next 5 Years (my guest post at Swissnex)

7 Digital Trends to Expect in the Next 5 Years… We are entering an era of mind-boggling global data torrents, all-pervasive social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) connectivity, widespread ‘wikilikean’ transparency expectations, rapid changes in interface technologies, hyper-real-time speed of information and media, and abundant consumer choice in pretty much every sector of commerce and business. ...

Short video on privacy / publicy, date-is-the-new-oil (Fora.tv & Swissnex event in San Francisco)

Here is a short, 3 minute excerpt from the SwissNex event in San Francisco (April 11, 2012) we will publish the entire video soon, as well, on Gerdtube. For now, you can see it here. My slideshow is here Related articles "Apparently, for a few hundred years, the total energy demand of ...


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