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Until March 1: write a review and get a free copy of Gerd Leonhard’s book “Technology vs Humanity”

If you are interested in reviewing Gerd Leonhard’s new book we will send you a free promotional copy. This offer is limited to the first 30 people that contact us before March 1, 2018. Interested? Use our contact form or send an email to emily@thefuturesagency.com and we will have a book delivered to you ...

"Music Confounds the Machines" great speech by Tbone Walker

“The first nuclear weapon was detonated on the morning of July 16, 1945, at 5:29 and 45 seconds. At that moment, technocrats took control of our culture. Trinity was the code name of that explosion. It was an unholy trinity. Technology does only one thing- it tends toward efficiency. It has no aesthetics. ...

A gallery of images on the ‘Technology versus Humanity’ theme

… related to my new book, Technology vs Humanity

My new book “Technology vs Humanity” is now available for pre-reading and pre-ordering!

This is a big day – after 18 months of intense writing and crafting, my new book is finally ready to be published on September 8, 2016. I have teamed up with fellow futurist Rohit Talwar’s new publishing company Fast Future Publishing and today I am delighted to announce the availability ...

The global brain is coming: Google launches new AI in the cloud (videos). Hellven is certain!

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what’s coming: search-as-we-know-it is dead or dying (ETA within 5 years), apps are becoming yesterday’s way to interact with services platforms, and intelligent digital assistants (I call them IDAs) will taking their place. The race is on: who will be the dominant ‘global brain’ ...

When is great technology enough…?

Read more on TechCrunch  Point is, a little technology is amazing. But all technology, all the time is dystopia. And strutting and fretting our entire lives digitally is a reduction of the rich possibilities of life beyond the algorithm. Even as the increasingly comprehensive digital footprints we generate are also, ...

Redefining the relationship of man and machine: narrated chapter from the ‘The Future of Business’ book (video, audio, pdf, German translation)

I am very fortunate to be part of a group of 62 leading futurists that compiled their ideas and visions in the amazing ‘The Future of Business’ book, edited by my good friend, colleague and publisher Rohit Talwar. The book is a fantastic read and the 500+ pages are worth every minute you ...

Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard's short film on technology versus humanity #techvshuman

I am very excited to announce the release of my new short film “Technology versus Humanity”. This film marks the beginning of a new period for me, with much of my future work focusing on the topic of how exponential technological changes are changing what and who we are, as humans, where ...


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