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What’s a futurist and how can I get a job like that? (nice piece via the Sydney Morning Herald)

Personally, I would offer the explanation that most of my work is about this old Poincare quote: “Logic proves Intuition discovers”…  But here are my fav snippets from the SMH piece (bold emphasis added by me): Think of us as “now-ists” not futurists, says fellow futurist John Naisbitt… An IBM alumnus, former ...

The byzantine, meandering discussion on the future of the internet (recommended reading)

“Last week, nearly 3,500 people met in London to discuss management of the internet. Yet judging from the media coverage, it was less newsworthy than the arrival of an app called Yo.” from Pocket https://ift.tt/V61RFt via IFTTT

10 Breakthrough Innovations That Will Shape The World In 2025 (recommended reading)

“What world-changing scientific discoveries might we see by 2025? Will we have more energy technologies that move us away from fossil fuels? Will there be cures for cancer and other diseases? How will we get around and communicate?” from Pocket https://ift.tt/1luCsdL via IFTTT

ProtonMail: a new Swiss Secure Mail Provider (is Switzerland waking up to the ‘secure swiss cloud’ idea?)

I have been talking about this huge opportunity for Switzerland ever since the ‘summer of Snowden’, and finally we are seeing some action on this. ProtonMail sounds very promising and I just funded their crowd-funding campaign and signed up for the beta-service. Read the TechCrunch piece. Read what I said ...

Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview (recommended reading)

“At 58, Bill Gates is not only the richest man in the world, with a fortune that now exceeds $76 billion, but he may also be the most optimistic. In his view, the world is a giant operating system that just needs to be debugged.” from Pocket https://ift.tt/1nSS2Ur via IFTTT

How Your Machines Get Smarter (good infographic via Mashable)

Nice infographic “Years ago people thought we would be living like The Jetsons by now. We may not be as technologically advanced as once thought, but we have come a long way from computers that filled up whole rooms. Now, we have machines that think and execute smart actions.” from Pocket https://ift.tt/VcdCKK ...

Stepping Out: a report on Fitbit, via The New Yorker (recommended reading)

I was travelling myself when I got my Fitbit, and because the tingle feels so good, not just as a sensation but also as a mark of accomplishment, I began pacing the airport rather than doing what I normally do, which is sit in the waiting area, wondering which of ...

The Disruption Machine (recommended reading via Jill Lepore, The New Yorker)

Great read about disruption and some insightful comments on Christensen’s ‘The Innovators Dilemma’. I don’t agree with all of it but it’s worth pondering. In the last years of the nineteen-eighties, I worked not at startups but at what might be called finish-downs. Tech companies that were dying would hire temps—college ...

Google’s Nest Buys Dropcam for $555 Million (recommended reading)

“Dropcam, the popular home monitoring camera startup, will be acquired by Nest, maker of smart thermostats and smoke detectors. The deal is worth $555 million in cash. Nest itself was just purchased by Google just four months ago for $3.2 billion.” from Pocket https://ift.tt/1p0Y0Ha via IFTTT

The Biology of Risk (recommended reading)

“SIX years after the financial meltdown there is once again talk about market bubbles. Are stocks succumbing to exuberance? Is real estate? We thought we had exorcised these demons.” from Pocket https://ift.tt/1rWjaay via IFTTT


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