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Why The Future is Better Than You Think

10 Reasons For Optimism - and 5 Actionable Strategies to Make it Happen

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My 2021 Greeting: Yes, there's hope!

Envision and Create your Preferred Future

2021 Special Speaking Topic

For decades, Hollywood (and then Netflix) has flooded the public with visions of dread and dystopian futures. Doom and disaster continue to sell. It is no wonder that many people fear AI and robots – it always seems to end really badly for humans. Add the never-ending Covid-19 crisis, (de)globalisation, automation and geopolitical uncertainties to the mix, and the result is a wide-spread belief that the future is mostly bleak.

Yet the fact is that our world is not irrevocably destined to become a  dehumanized hellscape ruled by AI, or some other Black-Mirror/Upload/Ex-Machina nightmare, and our future isn’t fixed – we create it with our (in)actions, every day.  Have a look at the correct data (see below, as well) and you’ll find things are actually better than ever before, in many aspects (*Test your own preconceptions about how the world is doing at Gapminder).

The world is, in fact, improving at a rapid rate. Sure, the world’s progress in the past 30 years is not all just peachy and amazing – especially when seeing it in context with the current corona crisis. Yet we are well on the way of reducing extreme poverty and hunger, and chiselling away at many of the other woes that have plagued humanity since the dawn of time, including diseases, crime and war.  Indeed, we have a lot of reasons to be optimistic about our progress. In the next decade, I think we will have most of the tools (i.e. science and technology) we need – so now we must acquire the telos (will, purpose and wisdom).

So what can you do, as an individual, an enterprise or an organisation, to make sure your future will indeed be bright?  How will you develop a Future-Ready-Mindset? How will you turn these challenges/opportunities into positive action? If we are (or become) what we believe we can be, how do we change our beliefs and mindsets?


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Gerd’s 10 reasons for realistic optimism, and his top 5 strategies to create your preferred future.

We are (and become) what we believe. The way we think about the future is often shaped by our experiences in the past, our assumptions about ‘how things work’ and generally how we see the world. But if we’ve learned anything in the last 10 years, it is that the Future is no longer just an extension of the past or the present (witness the dramatic resets in the music industry or the automotive & transportation business).

Once you recognise and embrace that – apart from all the challenges and setbacks – the future brings amazing new possibilities that just might be the complete opposite of today, then you can start imagining, exploring and realising the future you want.

What resources will you need, what skills will you need to sharpen, and what cultural changes will be required within your organisation?  How can you make room for more playing and experimentation, and how can you engender more creativity, agility, resilience and tenacity?

In this impassioned talk, renowned futurist Gerd Leonhard shares his arguments for optimism along with actionable steps for how we – as individuals as well as collectives and organisations – can create a great future for all of us.

The question is not ‘what will the future bring’, but ‘what kind of future do we want‘.


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From Efficiency to Resilience and Agility

– exclusive excerpt from Gerd's Future-Ready Executive Program –

From Efficiency to Resilience and Agility

– exclusive excerpt from Gerd's Future-Ready Executive Program –

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Are humans inherently good, or not?  Are we capable of agreeing what kind of future we want? Do we have similar objectives?

If you believe in choosing hope and changing/building the world for the better by tackling some of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced, consider booking this immersive, entertaining, and motivationally thought-provoking keynote today.

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The Future is better than we think!

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