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Moving Beyond the Corona Crisis

Surviving, Adapting and Thriving in the Next 5 Years

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Corona Crisis Challenges and Opportunities

We Are Not Going Back to Normal: Resilience, Agility and Creativity Will Beat Everything Else

Has your life, your industry, your business or your organisation been painfully and irreversibly upended by the Covid-19 crisis? Are you struggling to stay positive, remain relevant, and redesign your future in this utterly uncertain time? Are you trying to boost your resilience and scanning for hope during these difficult times?

The bottom line is that we are not going back to “normal” but that we are heading towards a series of ‘new normals’.  Business as usual is quickly fading away, and a new kind of permanent VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) is certain. Once we accept this, I think we can find new ways forward, question our assumptions and discover new possibilities. Only organisations that rapidly comprehend this and adapt (or pivot) will survive and thrive amidst these crushing waves of change. Resilience, collaboration, agility and creativity will replace efficiency as the key objective. From functioning to creating, from KPI to KHI.

While the Corona Crisis has been – and will remain for at least this year – devastating to many of us, and our businesses or organisations it has also resulted in an incredibly unique opportunity for what I call The Great Transformation: a time for reinvention and for change; a time to take bold risks and reap the rewards, a time to reinvent and dare to think different, a time of where dramatic crisis generates radical reinvention.

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Covid-19 and The Future of Your Organization

If your organization’s event, conference or management gathering could use an immersive and uplifting narrative on the with/post-Covid-19 world, this is the talk for you as it addresses the most pressing topics such as:

  • Covid-19’s economic and business effects on the future of jobs, work, commerce, and trade
  • What the Coronavirus means for geopolitics, including: the future of Europe, the U.S. and China, deglobalization (slobalisation) and multi/uni-lateralism, and the new power structures we will find ourselves in.
  • What is the future of capitalism and where does sustainability fall into the economic equation?
  • How the Covid crisis is currently impacting the sustainability and climate change debate, and how will it effect the various ‘green new deals’ around the globe- and will this really bring the end of oil?
  • Corona’s warp-drive acceleration of pharma, medicine, healthcare and the life sciences
  • Will the measures deemed necessary by Covid-19 usher in paradigms of permanent surveillance and the end of data privacy?
  • What will Corona ultimately mean for the individuals: fears and hopes, solidarity vs. opportunism, resilience vs desperation?
  • What will be the overall impacts of Covid-19 on the markets, on investing and on financial planning?
  • Will education change as a result of the Covid-19 learnings, and what is the future of learning, higher education, and leadership training?

With/Post-Corona Talk Takeaways

To put a wrapper on the entire talk, I often end with the four uplifting and empowering steps organizations can take to cope with this unparalleled crisis:
  1. Focus on ‘Adaptive Survival‘ »
  2. Pursue Radical Collaboration »
  3. Become Masters of Adaptation »
  4. Pivot and Embrace Rapid Transformation

If your organization or conference needs innovation, inspiration, and leadership now more than ever, consider booking my Great Transformation talk. It has been incredibly well-received by dozens of the world’s top organizations and is tailor-made to position your people to create your best possible future.

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Dive into the Trends and Tactics to Thrive into a Post-Covid Tomorrow

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Dealing with Covid-19's Perpetual Uncertainty

While there is no know just what a post-vaccine, post-Corona world will look like, that doesn’t mean your organization can put its future indefinitely on hold. And despite the constant waves of accelerated change, many things will still hold true. And many trends are bound to continue.

It is here, in the planning and preparation for a successful post-Covid future, that Gerd shines, sharing non-obvious insights and strategies to help organizations set themselves up for success. We’ve lived through a decade of change in a matter of months, the shockwaves of which will continue to reverberate for years to come.

So, if leading and inspiring your employees or digital conference attendees with thought-provoking foresight into the future and direction of their industry and the economy as a whole would be valuable, consider booking Gerd for your next keynote or innovation summit.

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